One-on-one Consulting

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I will work with you to discover the “why” of your life.

This process of discovering your life purpose usually takes four to five hours. We can do this either in person, via SKYPE or over the phone. This will likely take one to two sessions and emailing back and forth.

I can also help you think through how you might begin to actively live your life’s purpose. This would happen via follow-up meetings or conversations and emails.

Develop Your Personal Life Plan

I find that writing down your Vision, Mission and Goals with a Timeline is very valuable in achieving what you desire when you want it.

If you’d like a written plan to focus and support you in living your life’s purpose I can help you develop one.

If we’ve already worked together on helping you discover your life’s purpose, developing a written plan might take me (if you want me to do this rather than work with you to write it) another three to five hours, depending on how detailed you’d like it to be.

Business and Career Coaching

I am not a “certified coach,” however, as a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three businesses and interviewed, hired (and terminated), managed, coached and mentored hundreds of employees (and non-employees), I have dealt with pretty much every challenge one could encounter on the job and in business.

I can work with you on a regular (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) or episodic basis to help you think through and navigate challenges in your business and/or career.

I can also work with you and your organization as an “on-premise” and/or “on-call” Business and Career Coach available to all senior leaders and employees.

Group Workshops

Live Your Life’s Purpose and Unleash Your Joy

I conduct workshops for groups of employees or individuals interested in determining their life’s purpose.

Depending on group size and the desire for training in how to connect and engage with others in a deeper way by sharing your life’s purpose, these workshops could be conducted in sessions lasting:
> 90-Minutes
> Two Hours
> Three Hours or Longer

Develop Your Personal Life Plan

I also conduct workshops for groups of employees or individuals interested in developing a customized written plan to focus and support them in actively living their life’s purpose.

These workshops could be done in three hours and may involve one-on-one follow-up work with individuals who require additional support in developing their plans.

Consulting to Organizations

Discover Your Organization’s Business Purpose

I can work with you to identify your organization’s Business Purpose. Articulating and communicating your Business Purpose creates a powerful “reason to believe” for employees, customers, consumers and other stakeholders. Today, many marketers are using purpose-driven branding to overcome the heightened skepticism of customers and consumers. For example, Walmart, which once focused on promoting its Brand Promise of “everyday low prices,” now communicates its more resonant Business Purpose “to help people provide better lives for their families.”

The process of helping your organization identify its Business Purpose involves interviewing your senior leaders, a sampling of customers and/or consumers and industry influencers, and interviewing or surveying (depending on the size of your workforce) your employees.

In addition to identifying your Business Purpose, this process can also efficiently, at the same time, help you articulate, your organization’s Vision, Mission, Values and Brand Promise.

Depending on the size of your organization and the number of interviews we would recommend conducting, this process usually takes between eight to 12 weeks.

We can also help communicate your Business Purpose through various on- and off-line channels and collateral, e.g., presentations to customers or new business prospects, speeches, advertising and promotional material, PR, social media, etc.

Create a More Joyful Workplace

Our vision of a “joyful workplace” is one where:

  • Employees have a shared sense of purpose and an experience of working “in the flow” more often than not because their strengths and talents are properly aligned with their work;
  • They are equipped, trained and supported in their work;
  • They communicate with candor, have a say in decisions affecting them and exert a measure of influence with colleagues and supervisors;
  • The values of collaboration, teamwork and community are fostered in the organizational culture;
  • Professional development and growth opportunities are provided;
  • Employees feel that they are being compensated and treated fairly;
  • And they take pride in their work and in their organization.

In such workplaces, the feeling of optimism and joy is much more pervasive than fear.

Clearly, there is a lot that goes into creating a “joyful workplace” that would also be characterized as a “best place to work.” Unfortunately, not all organizations, however, have the resources, bandwidth or management and leadership in place to create a great workplace that achieves all the hallmarks of a “joyful workplace.”

Most employers big or small, however, understand the bottom-line results produced by a more highly engaged workforce in terms of attracting and retaining employees and customers and growing their businesses.

Our Joyful Workplace Consulting can provide you with a starting point to begin creating a workplace where employees are “more deeply engaged” in their work and committed to the success of your organization. This offering is customizable and includes the following components:

  • Baseline Employee Assessment of Joy in Your Workplace
  • Envisioning a More Joyful Workplace Group Exercise
  • Building a More Joyful Workplace through the Participation of All Community Members
  • Commitments by Senior Leaders and Employees to Create a More Joyful Workplace
  • Monitoring & Tracking to Make Sure Commitments are Being Honored
  • Ongoing Employee Assessment of Joy in Your Workplace
Create a More Joyful Future

Creative problem-solving is my strong suit, passion and joy! I pride myself on being able to come up with an inspired solution to any problem. For example, the only reason I started the first of three agencies I co-founded was that it was the best “solution” I could come up with to avoid having to terminate four talented colleagues when we lost our biggest client. I led a group of colleagues, including the four I would have had to fire, in a management buyback and started my first agency, PT&Co., as an employee-owned business owned by the 13 of us involved in the buyback. We built the agency by producing “breakthrough PR” campaigns for clients and within eight years, PT&Co. was named the “#1 Most Creative PR Agency” and the “#2 Best Workplace” in America.

I would love to help you think through and brainstorm ideas for your organization or your client (or other stakeholder group) that would result in a bigger, brighter, better future for all. Creating a bigger, brighter, better future, in fact, is our Brand Purpose at Joyful Planet.

Contact us to discuss the nature of the business challenge or problem you’d like our help in thinking through and addressing with inspired, new solutions.

Speaking Engagements

I love doing speaking engagements and have delivered keynotes on the following topics. Please contact me to discuss these or to propose other related topics for your meeting or conference.

Discover Your Life & Leadership Purpose. Significant research exists, indicating that “purpose-driven” organizations outperform “profit-only” focused organizations. If you extrapolate that concept down to individuals/employees, it makes sense that “purpose-driven” people will outperform those who are only “me-focused.” The authors of the article, “From Purpose to Impact,” in the Harvard Business Review (May 2014) go so far as to say that “the process of articulating your purpose and finding the courage to live it – what we call purpose to impact – is the most important developmental task you can undertake as a leader. My talk is about how discovering and living your life’s purpose is the key to unleashing greater success, fulfillment and joy.

The Simple Secret to a Joy-filled Life – Pursue Your Joy. This is the central message of my book, Becoming Ginger Rogers…How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, Better Partner and Smarter CEO. Simply by deciding that my purpose in life was to “choose joy every single day; to be mindful of that joy; and to share that joy with others” I was able to fill my life with joy. The simple act of pursuing my joy filled my life with joy and led me to other joyful experiences. In fact, creating my consultancy, Joyful Planet LLC, is just one recent example of choosing joy as a result of determining 14 years ago that my purpose in life was to choose joy.

Collaboration. Community. Creativity. AKA The Hallmarks of a High-Performing Workplace Community. These are hallmarks of today’s high-performing, innovative organizations. I’ve been involved in co-founding three businesses that have been recognized as “Best Agency to Work for in America,” “Most Admired Mid-Size PR Agency in New York” and “#1 Most Creative PR Agency in America.” This presentation shares what I’ve learned in creating and building customer service-intensive businesses.

Building a Successful, Award-Winning Business. I’ve co-founded three PR & Marketing agencies that have been recognized as America’s “#1 Most Creative Agency,” among other accolades and winning more than 400 awards for client campaigns. My last PR agency, PadillaCRT, which I co-founded in September 2013, is the “largest, employee-owned PR agency” in America and the “10th largest independent, PR firm.” The advice in this presentation applies to starting and building any type of business not just PR & Marketing agencies.

Building World-Class Brands and Building Brand “You.” I’ve worked at agencies that helped to build 10 of the “top 100” global brands and leveraged this learning to build three successful, award-winning agencies. I also rebuilt my own personal brand on the platform of “joy,” pursued my joy of dance and wrote a book, Becoming Ginger Rogers…How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, Better Partner and Smarter CEO, to share lessons I learned from ballroom dancing. Recently, I started Joyful Planet to help people unleash their joy. This presentation is about identifying your personal brand “essence” and building not only a distinguishing, but a fulfilling, brand platform for yourself.

Leadership Lessons from the Ballroom to the Boardroom. This is based on my book, Becoming Ginger Rogers…How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, Better Partner and a Smarter CEO, and the business and life lessons I learned from ballroom dancing that extend far beyond the dance floor. It was actually lessons that I learned from ballroom dancing such as the value of close partnering with others that enabled me to grow my business eight-fold.

10 Secrets of Powerful Women. This presentation is about the 10 secrets I attribute to success based on my journey from Hawaii where I was born and raised, and leaving the Islands to seek my fame and fortune in The Big Apple, where I co-founded three successful, award-winning PR & Marketing agencies. My last agency, PadillaCRT, is the largest, employee-owned PR agency in the U.S.