Patrice Tanaka, Joy and Purpose

Originally written and posted on This week Dan celebrates surviving his first year as a podcaster with best-selling author, PR Hall of Famer, entrepreneur, ballroom dancer, public speaker, and purveyor of joy, the amazing Patrice Tanaka. As the Chief Joy Officer of Joyful Planet LLC, Patrice is living her life’s purpose: to choose every…Read More

I am an Asian American Woman!

Originally written and posted on Patrice Tanaka, Founder & Chief Joy Officer,  Joyful Planet LLC I walked home Saturday from my pedicure appointment, continuously scanning the people around me and gripping my heavy, black bag to use as a weapon in case someone attacked me.  I’ve never walked the mean streets of Upper East Side Manhattan,…Read More

Finding a Company’s Purpose and Defining Personal Joy I Patrice Tanaka

Originally written and posted on As Chief Joy Officer of Joyful Planet, Patrice Tanaka helps both individuals and organizations define and leverage their purposes. Learn how purpose-driven organizations are outperforming their competition, and hear how Tanaka’s decision to take a ballroom dance class changed her life. She also recounts how she took hold of…Read More