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Originally posted on the Center for Asian Pacific American Women website as part of the CAPAW Living Agent for Change digital library. PATRICE TANAKA CHIEF JOY OFFICER AT JOYFUL PLANET JOY. FULFILLMENT. LIFE. What would you title your autobiography and why? “The Woman Who Chose Joy” Because this is how I actively live my life’s…Read More

Purpose at Work: For Wellness & Mental Health Webinar

Originally posted on the CommPRO.biz website. The Institute for Public Relations and Cision just released a new report called,“The Business Case for Focusing on Employee Mental Health.” This study examines conversations about mental health in the workplace with a focus on employee and employer perspectives, burnout, quiet quitting, the four-day workweek, and current corporate mental…Read More

Diversity in the PR Classroom: The Impact of Women on Social Awareness and Change

Originally posted on Institute for PR website. In this Women’s History Month session of Diversity in the PR Classroom, Patrice Tanaka (Joyful Planet), Cara Hawkins-Jedlicka (Washington State University), and Sarab Kochhar, Ph.D. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), speak on how female PR leaders have driven social change within the industry, and how educators can inspire…Read More