How to Hire Ethical People – Patrice Tanaka

Originally written and posted on Joining me on this week’s episode is Patrice Tanaka, co-founder of three award winning PR and marketing agencies and currently, the Chief Joy Officer at Joyful Planet. Patrice discusses number of key topics including: What questions should you ask to make sure you are hiring ethical people? How can you…Read More

What Makes Us Influential?

Originally written and posted on I returned last night tired, but energized from a four-day Dress for Success “Success Summit” attended by 100 women leaders globally. As I contemplated this post Shonali asked me to write on the topic of “influence” it occurred to me that the hugely gratifying Success Summit was a perfect illustration…Read More

How Do We Achieve #BalanceforBetter?

Originally written and posted on This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, which is a call to action for creating a gender-balanced world. So, how do we turn a slogan into a call to action for all, including women and men? I believe it starts with creating strong leaders – both women and…Read More

PR Legend, Patrice Tanaka, on Why Impactful Leadership and Living Your Life Purpose Go Hand in Hand

Originally written and posted on About This Episode Serial Entrepreneur and PR legend, Patrice Tanaka, knows how to achieve the most impactful leadership style possible. In our final episode of our Leadership season, she shares how defining her life purpose and pursuing it with courage not only influenced the evolution of her leadership style,…Read More