Purpose at Work: For Wellness & Mental Health Webinar

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The Institute for Public Relations and Cision just released a new report called,“The Business Case for Focusing on Employee Mental Health.” This study examines conversations about mental health in the workplace with a focus on employee and employer perspectives, burnout, quiet quitting, the four-day workweek, and current corporate mental health initiatives.

In this special episode of Diversity in the PR Classroom, attendees learn how employers and professors can adapt these findings to address mental health at work, in the classroom, and beyond.

Watch the playback to discover how burnout and other findings are impacting your students.

Some Key Findings:

  • Gen Z and Millennials were the most frequent contributors to conversations about mental health.
  • Some employers are testing out the four-day workweek with mixed results, but most reactions are positive from both the employer and employee perspectives.
  • Employees said employee resource groups (ERGs) and peers in the workplace were critical support programs for mental health.
  • Employees want benefits and policies to support their mental health such as flexibility, better time off policies, and stronger leave programs.

About the Panelists:

Olivia Kresic, M.A., is Senior Research and Outreach Manager at the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). She oversees the organization’s Commissions and Centers of Excellence, IPR Research Letter, and several research projects and partnerships.

Karen Stockert is a Sector Lead for Insights Consulting at Cision. In her 11 years with the company, she has led and conducted media insights research and analysis for enterprise clients in healthcare, non-profit, public sector and B2C who seek to better understand the impact of their communications efforts and how to shape them.

Session Resources:

IPR Webinar: Overcoming Burnout: Effective Strategies to Elevate Your Mental Health
IPR-Cision Report: The Business Case for Addressing Employee Mental Health

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