5 Questions with Patrice Tanaka from Joyful Planet LLC

Originally written and posted on prsany.org 5 Questions With Patrice Tanaka Chief Joy Officer Joyful Planet LLC 1. The last few years have helped normalize mental health in the workplace. As an influential and experienced communications leader, how do you foster mental well-being at work and with your team? I’m a big believer in bringing your “whole self to work.” That’s…Read More

PR Pioneer Patrice Tanaka Interview

Originally written and posted on instituteforpr.org IPR sat down with Patrice Tanaka, Chief Joy Officer of Joyful Planet LLC, to discuss her storied career and perspectives on the future of the PR industry. IPR: I saw that a management buyback led to the founding of your first agency, PT&Co. What were your thoughts and feelings…Read More

038: Driving Business Results Through Empowerment, Purpose and Wellbeing

Originally written and posted on glazercoaching.com   Trey Northrup, CEO of LIXIL Americas, talks with Michael about how a large-scale, human-centered culture change is contributing to the company’s historic business successes. Trey also shares LIXIL’s return-to-work approach as well as his own story about how clarifying his own life purposes helps him grow his own…Read More