Patrice Tanaka Is PRSA Foundation Paladin Recipient

Post written by Jack O’Dwyer at

Patrice Tanaka, co-founder of three PR firms who now heads Joyful Planet, providing advice for personal and professional development, is the 2017 recipient of the PRSA Foundation’s Paladin Award.

Tanaka’s career is “a tribute to the power of creativity, insight and advocacy,” said Harrison. “Her work throughout her career embodies the spirit of the ‘paladin,’ an advocate of noble causes in medieval times. We cannot think of a more deserving recipient of our Paladin Award.”Tanaka, who was a principal of Patrice Tanaka & Co., CRT/Tanaka and Padilla/CRT, which is now Padilla, “is a model and inspiration to all of us at PRSA Foundation,” said Foundation president Judith Harrison.

Previous recipients were Charlotte Otto, Harris Diamond, Dan Edelman, Harold Burson, Jon Iwata, Marcia Silverman, John Graham and Mike Fernandez.

Proceeds support the Foundation, which partners with the Arthur W. Page Society, the PR Council, the Plank Center and major universities.

The presentation will take place Thursday June 1 at the Helen Mills Event Space, 137-139 W. 26th st., New York.

Further information is available from Beth-Ellen Keyes, Foundation director of operations and programs.

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