Ladies Who Launch – Time With Tanaka

Originally written and posted on Christine Merser interviews Patrice Tanaka around all things joy… Finding joy, choosing joy, in this difficult time of COVID and political divisiveness. Christine finds her way to finding joy, something that has eluded her over the past few months. It’s a great conversation about choices, how the Danish find happiness…Read More

MLK: A Committed Life

Originally written and posted on Patrice Tanaka, Founder & Chief Joy Officer,  Joyful Planet LLC On this day, we celebrate the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who sacrificed his life in the fight for civil rights. Just days after his assassination, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Two score later, Sen. Barack Obama…Read More

Joy, Love and Abundance Podcast

Originally written and posted on Listen to “Joy, Love and Abundance Podcast ~ #joyloveandabundance” on Spreaker. While there are injustices in our society that need to be addressed, there are also important stories of hope and positive work that deserve to be explored and shared. The Joy, Love and Abundance Podcast will shine a light…Read More