038: Driving Business Results Through Empowerment, Purpose and Wellbeing

Originally written and posted on glazercoaching.com


Trey Northrup, CEO of LIXIL Americas, talks with Michael about how a large-scale, human-centered culture change is contributing to the company’s historic business successes. Trey also shares LIXIL’s return-to-work approach as well as his own story about how clarifying his own life purposes helps him grow his own leadership capabilities.

NOTE: Patrice Tanaka worked with Trey Northrup on his life purpose statement and helped his employees with theirs. She was also the keynote speaker, helping LIXIL Americas kick-off their new fiscal year and spoke about the intersection of “life purpose” and “organizational purpose.” In this podcast, Trey talks about how discovering and actively living his life purpose and helping his employees do the same has led to the best year ever in the company’s 140-year history.

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